Thump! – Model T-8352 3-1/2” 2-Way Speaker (pairs)

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We are clearing out all of our automotive speakers at clearance prices. They represent very good prices for the performance and the quality of the products. Please call Ray to take advantage of these great products. There are a limited supply of these items, some ones and twos, other we have a good supply. When they are gone, no more will be available. Please contact Ray.

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Product Description

Tweeter – 1” Deposited Titanium Dome
Woofer – Water Resistant Poly-Laminate Cone
Surround – Foam
Power Handling – 120 Watts max. (pairs)**
60 Watts music (pairs)**
Frequency Response – 115 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity – 88 dB
Impedance – 4 Ohms
Mounting Centers – 3.925” across diagonal holes

Also available in Thump! – 4” x 10”;  5” x 7”; and 6-1/2” sizes at clearance prices.

* Note:  All features and specifications given are those of their respective manufactures / brands. Not all manufactures provide the same data and to the same tolerances, so some may not be comparable. This applies elsewhere as well.

** Note:  All specifications given for power are those typical in the automotive trade. They are not the same as those found in the home audio and the home theater world.


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