Thiele-Small Parameters

Research done in the study of loudspeakers has been conducted by a number of individuals. The works of Neville Thiele and Richard Small are considered to have had the most impact on the loudspeaker design field. A method was found, so that one could predict the frequency response performance of a loudspeaker system, based on its physical characteristics. By understanding the relationship of these physical parameters and how to change them, we may alter the response parameters to fit the desired goal.


Re: The D.C. resistance of the voice coil measured in Ohms.

Sd: The surface area of the speaker’s cone.

Bl: The magnetic strength of the motor structure.

Mms: The total moving mass of the speaker including the small amount of air in front of and behind the cone.

Cms: The stiffness of the driver’s suspension.

Rms: The losses due to the suspension.

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