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Speaker Factory LogoSince early in 1959, what began as a hobby, under the direction of Ray Indris became Rayco Sound Company, a business producing and selling loudspeaker systems for domestic and pro-sound application under the name Electro-Sound Acoustics. By 1961, the company produced its first high-performance audiophile speaker system. It was in the mid ‘70s that we became aware that another company producing pro-sound mixers and recording consoles was using a similar name, that we made a name change to TechniCoustics™. We are still providing products with that brand, as well as the Pegasus Audio™ and Quanta Technologies™ speaker system brand names.

Our early speaker systems were typically larger in size than most of the popular models and were positioned to compete directly with the big-name large audiophile speakers of that day, such as Altec-Lansing™, Bozak™, Electro-Voice™, and JBL™. Because production capacity was limited, our products were and still are, produced on a custom basis in order to achieve the highest standards. What really mattered to us was that we were designing and building the best possible products at an affordable value-based price. Our goal remains the same to this very day.

With a better understanding of today technologies and the availability of newer materials, the entire industry has been able to produce smaller and smaller speakers that have a larger soundstage than many of the older large cabinet systems. We have followed that trend and have produced our newest Quanta Technologies™ Micro-Monitor M-5.1, a small speaker having an unbelievably large soundstage. Check out the Home page or the Products page (under-More Info) for a more detailed description of the development process. For those who want more authoritative deep bass along with all the characteristics of the M-5.1, our larger format two-way 9″ woofer version Quanta Model IX Mk-II is available.

For nearly six decades, what is now Rayco Sound Industries, Inc., parent company to The Speaker Factory and its several brands has continued in professional growth and development and has always done its best to provide the finest high-quality sound systems.

The Speaker Factory continues to build it’s finest “High-Resolution” “You Are There” speakers under the Quanta Technologies™ brand, a range of high-performance stereo speaker systems which are also perfect for serious home theater systems as well. We also offer medium and high-end audio electronic components, speaker parts, loudspeaker services and sonic upgrades to competitive name-brand speaker systems.

You can “Save-A-Tree” by having The Speaker Factory upgrade your current speaker systems to a higher performance level. When you realize that the cabinet is usually the most expensive single component in most speaker systems, you will most likely find it more economical and better sounding to have a T-S-F (The Speaker Factory) Upgrade than purchasing a new pair of speakers.

The Speaker Factory is prepared to bring you unequaled high-end quality and performance at a modest cost, thereby continuing our long-established philosophy of fine quality at a reasonable price.


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