Services Policies

Please Read & Understand Our Policies Completely

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your service needs. The Speaker Factory strives to perform all repairs in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost. For your convenience we have listed our service policies for you.

All service work requires a minimum deposit of $60.00 to $75.00. The required deposit, before any repairs can be started, is to be approximately 50% of the preliminary estimated repair cost. Should the repair be considered extensive, a larger deposit will be requested at the time of the estimate. However, if we have started the repair and later discover additional problems, we will call the customer for approval and an additional deposit. Minimum shop charge-$112.50. We strive to stay within 10% of the quoted estimate. Should additional problems be discovered during the repair, we will call for authorization to complete the additional work. At that time, an additional deposit may be requested. Should the customer elect not to have the additional repair work done, we will either complete the contracted repair or stop work altogether if it would not allow the repair to be of benefit to the customer. The customer is still responsible for payment for the time that has already been spent on the repair.

Most repairs are completed within approximately three weeks from time of delivery to us or receipt of deposit, whichever is later. Should repairs take longer due to parts non-availability or ordering of special parts, we will notify you of this delay. At times our repair time may be slightly longer and we will strive to inform you of this at time of estimate.

All merchandise left for over 30 days is subject to a weekly storage charge. The charge depends on the size of the speaker cabinet. If the 30 days is due to our own problems in securing parts, etc., we will allow two weeks from the date of repair completion.

All merchandise that is left without a deposit will be subject to storage charges from the date of delivery to us if no deposit is received and/or if customer cancels contract. These charges may be waived if merchandise is picked up within the same week.

When repairs are completed, we will call you at the phone number provided to us to relay the total cost of repairs and the balance due. Should we be unable to reach you by phone, we will write a letter informing you of the cost of repairs and the balance due. Should you not hear from us after two weeks, we ask that you call us to check on the status.

All service work performed by The Speaker Factory carries a 90-day warranty covering both parts and labor. Refoaming of woofers, also carries a  5 – year warranty against deterioration of the replaced part.