Parasound Model 2100 Stereo Preamplifier with Home Theater Bypass Input

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HiFi Voice (Czech Republic) October 2015
“This combination of audio performance without the use of tone controls or filters is dynamic, precise and detailed. Control is evident across the audio spectrum even at high volume where there is sufficient power in reserve. Furthermore, there is no loss of resolution, even with quieter music and low level listening. Parasound manages to reproduce the essence of the vast majority of commercial recordings and various genres on CD or the stereo audio tracks on DVD or BluRay that would satisfy even the most demanding listener. I think the audience appreciated the especially strong, dynamic sound with superb control of bass at all volume levels and an imperceptible loss of the finest details on several audiophile SACDs.”

Model 2100 Stereo Preamplifier

Features and Specifications:

•  Two channel high end audio preamplifier

•  High-current power supply provides better and cleaner bass

•  Motor-driven analog volume control

•  Fixed level audio record output

•  Headphone jack with auto-mute for line output jacks

•  Balance control, bass & treble controls with defeat button

•  Seven inputs with MM/MC phono and front panel MP3 jack

•  Front panel jack for MP3 player with 12dB auto gain offset sources

•   This feature is purposely designed to match other sources

•  Subwoofer output with analog bass management

•   Fully adjustable low pass filter, from 20Hz – 140Hz

•   Separate output jacks for full range (large speakers)

•   Separate output jacks for 80Hz high pass filtered (small speakers)

•  Home theater bypass input

•  Mono sub channel output for 2 channel analog sources

•  Three turn-on options:  manual; 12 volt trigger; and AC

•  Remote control includes discrete codes for Off and On

•  Remote control includes Tone – Off and On buttons

•  Two-way RS-232 control, external IR input and loop output

•  Voltage automatically selected between 115V-230VAC, 50-60Hz

•  Frequency Response:  10Hz – 100kHz +/- 3 dB

•  THD Distortion:  < 0.008% at 20Hz

•  S/N Ratio:  > 105 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted

•  S/N Ratio:  > 95 dB, input shorted, unweighted, very low noise

•  Output Impedance:  < 60 Ohms

•  Maximum Output:  6.5 Volts

•  17.25” Wide • 14.5” Deep • 4.25” High  (3.5” 2U High w/o feet)

•  Shipping weight:  21 lbs., Net weight:  13 lbs.

•  Available in Black only

•  Retail In-Store Sales Only  •  No Mail-Order Sales