Halo by Parasound A 21 Stereo Amplifier with Dual-Mono Design

HALO by Parasound is our premier line of amplifiers and preamplifiers. For nearly one and a half decades Halo products have had a reputation for going head-to-head with some of the most expensive reference equipment on the market while costing a fraction of the price. The sheer quantity of rave reviews and honors is unmatched and without precedent. In fact, over half of all Halo products are Stereophile Recommended Components.

We have been recommending the HALO by Parasound products since inception. We feel that they represents the best performance and value in audio electronic components in the world today. To that point we have chosen to limit ourselves to Parasound’s full line of very capable products. We design and build our Quanta Technologies Speaker systems. We have found no other line of analog audio components that is up-to-the-task in the design/engineering process or the auditioning of our speakers to you, our clients. You will be amazed at the performance. Call me, Ray.

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Model A 21

Stereo Power Amplifier with Dual-Mono Design

Features & Specifications:

•  Circuitry designed by the legendary John Curl

•  High Bias Class A/AB operation for best sound

•  Lucasfilm Home THX Ultra2 Certified

•  Balanced inputs with discrete circuits and XLR connectors

•  Direct Coupled-No capacitors or inductors in the signal path

•  Continuous Power Output:

•     2 x 250 Watts RMS, both channels driven, 8 Ohms

•     2 x 400 Watts RMS, both channels driven, 4 Ohms

•     1 x 750 Watts RMS, in bridged mode, 8 Ohms, as mono-block

•  Current Capacity:  60 Amperes peak per channel

•  Slew Rate:  >130 V/µsecond

•  Power Bandwidth:  5 Hz – 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB @ 1 Watt

•  Dynamic Headroom:  >1.5 dB

•  S/N Ratio:  112 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted

•  Damping Factor:  >1100 @ 20 Hz

•  Switchable Voltage for 110-120V

•  17.25” Wide • 13.25” Deep • 7.625” High  (7.0” 4U High w/o feet)

•  Shipping weight:  80 lbs., Net weight:   60 lbs.

•  Available in Black and Silver

•  Retail In-Store Sales Only  •  No Mail-Order Sales


HALOTM by ParasoundTM also offers a three (A31) and a five (A51) channel version of this amplifier. These amplifiers are mostly intended for the Home Theater Surround market. However, they are often used in more sophisticated bi- or tri-amplified music systems. If you’d like to step-up the performance of your music system, we can help!

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